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Knowing and learning the best social media manners for business owner is almost as difficult as it was learning to write ABCD in early school days. With time social media networks have evolved almost as much as the ways people and businesses are using them. With constant growth and evolution, it is tough to stay on top always which comes with practice only.

When it comes to manners, behavior and what not to do, this is something which requires a bit more of practice to completely understand social media. The best DON’Ts of Social Media for small Businesses are put together below:

  1. Avoid Multiple Profiles–The way it is hard to live two different lives at the same time, same is the case with having multiple social media profiles. Not only it becomes difficult to manage multiple profiles but also increases the chance that one or the other profile will be left unmanaged.
  2. Don’t Try to be Everywhere All Time – If you have just started with social media, you will have craze and charm to create your profile on every social media platform. But be real. Creating profiles is not difficult, maintaining them is. Pick one or two social networks for starters and go from there. Personally building a personal profile on LinkedIn and a Facebook Business Page will help you build your social media presence.
  3. Don’t Over Share – Don’t over share. With twitter you can tweet a dozen of times but the same doesn’t apply with Facebook Business Page. One or two shares a day should be enough and the same goes with LinkedIn too.
  4. Don’t Over use Hashtags – Hashtags are a good way to help you find relevant tweets and posts. But that does not mean that hashtags are more than the number of words in your post or tweet.
  5. Keep a Distance Between Professional & Personal Life – Don’t mix your personal life with your Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile. Try not to make your personal life public.

Keeping in mind these simple DON’Ts of social media will help you use it more effectively and purposefully.