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Facebook is the most powerful network with millions of user under their belt. Give a thought and answer, which of your friend is not having a Facebook account? This is the biggest reason why every business is having their Facebook fan page and you too should also have one of your own.

Following reasons will tell you the reasons why people might think your Facebook page isn’t worth liking and following.


Agreed it’s not that easy to convince people to like your page but it’s not that difficult too. Having less likes might give people an impression that the page is not worth liking. Number of likes is the main INGRIDIENT which is needed to convince people to like your page.


You must have noticed a small line mention number of people talking about your page. Well it’s nothing but the number of unique Facebook users who have interacted with your page in one or another way between the certain time frame. If you don’t have a good number for this, it again gives a negative impression of your Facebook fan page.


Overdoing anything is bad. Sharing TOO MUCH content is as same as being inconsistent. Over posting will fill your audience newsfeed only with your post which is actually irritating anyone, no matter how interesting, unique or humorous your posts are. Remember what we do when we see bumping up of ads in between any TV show? We simply IGNORE. That’s what will happen if you OVERLOAD your Fans with number of posts.

Lastly, above mention are the reasons why people decide to steer away or dislike your fan page. Finding a balance between interesting stories, developing your unique content and also being consistent but not overdoing.